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More Info on Construction

Note: Construction type affects what woods and options are available.


Shaft Wood:

More Info on Shaft Wood

Fretboard Wood:

More Info on Fretboard Wood


$0.00 USD

Unique Choice



More Info on Unique Choice
+ $0.00

Nut Width

More Info on Nut Width

+ $0.00


More Info on Right/Left

Right handed orientation shown

+ $0.00

Neck Profiles

More Info on Neck Profiles

+ $0.00


More Info on Fretboard Radius

Note: 7-1/4" Straight Radius available only on 25-1/2" Vintage Construction.

+ $0.00

24 Fret Extension

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More Info on 24 Fret Extension

Note: 24 Frets available for Modern construction only.

+ $0.00


Scalloping is not available with one or more of the previous options you have selected.


  • Available for Modern construction only.
  • Not available with Roasted Maple Necks.
  • We will only scallop up to the 22nd fret.

+ $0.00


More Info on Binding

Note: Available for Modern construction only.

+ $0.00

Fret Size

More Info on Fret Size

+ $0.00

Tuner Ream

More Info on Tuner Reams
+ $0.00



Note: It is recommended that you choose light colored Inlays and Side Dots if your fretboard is dark wood, or dark if your fretboard is light wood. Otherwise they will be difficult to see.

More Info on Inlays

Side Dots:

More Info on Side Dots

+ $0.00

String Nut

More Info on String Nuts


  • Floyd Locking Nut options require the 10"-16" Compound Radius or a straight fretboard radius of 9". 9.5", 10", 10.5" or 11".

+ $0.00

Mounting Holes

More Info on Mounting Holes

Note: 3 Hole Mounting option available for Vintage/Modern Construction only.

+ $0.00


More Info on Finish
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