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Rob Rounds

Sales Manager


I was born and raised in Denver, CO. Started playing drums at 10 before deciding guitar was my future at the age of 12. Since accepting my lifelong addiction, I thought it might be a good idea to work in an industry that would support my habit. I worked for Tube Works Amplifiers from ‘89 to ‘97 then took 10 years off to wear a suit in the corporate international business world…. Started here at Warmoth in ‘07 and I’ve enjoyed every day since.

I’ve spent the majority of my guitar life performing, writing and recording in many original projects, notably Chainsaw Rodeo (Denver) and The GHP (Seattle). I have also done the occasional cover gig and session work as well. I’m pretty schizophrenic as far as musical styles go... “Roadhouse twangbanger rock” would be close… Tonal nirvana for me is a Tele through a Mesa ½ stack with way too much gain... Cheers!

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