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Patrick Koenig

Sales Representative


I began playing acoustic guitar in 8th grade, and as you might expect, I was quickly drawn to electric guitars and the wonderful world of volume and distortion! Because of my limited budget, I often bought broken instruments from friends and neighbors and fixed them up. In college, I played many shows with a trusty old Hamer, which I had glued the headstock back onto…twice. Eventually, I began using Warmoth parts for projects, and was always impressed by them.

My youthful rock star dreams didn’t play out like they do in the movies. But, my tinkering tendencies led me to a career in the outdoor gear industry. Everywhere I went, my guitars were in tow. When my wife and I returned to the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky enough to find work at Warmoth, where I get to combine my technical background with my excitement about guitars.

Currently, I play electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, and an antique mandolin found in a family attic that I recently restored.

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