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Josh Spataro

Sales Representative


I remember listening to "Peggy Sue" and "Great Balls of Fire" on a 45 as a kid. About the same time, I heard a guitar solo on a Country music tape of my mom’s. I knew at that time that I was going to be a guitar player. First hurdle – my parents had me learn the piano for a year. Reward – I got my first guitar. It was something bought from a garage sale. Hey, it had strings! I took acoustic guitar lessons from my California public school.

Fast forward again. After high school, I was in a band that wrote our own music. We toured all over the country. We licensed songs to TV shows and video games. Have you heard the soundtrack to the Razor Scooter demo? That’s us! Our band had a phenomenal time playing on the Van’s Warped Tour too.

Life gigging on the road is a one-of-a-kind experience every musician needs to try. After eight years of road life, my life took a change. While I love gigging, it’s great to be working at Warmoth. I get to talk to customers who love playing the guitar. And, I’m able to go home every night to my wonderful wife and daughter.

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