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Cary Campen

Sales & Marketing


Played my first electric bass in junior high. I was playing stand-up bass in the school orchestra and wanted to play something more hip. While I’ve learned to play some lead guitar, the bass and I are soul mates. Initially, I began playing Rock and also Blues. Today, I’m in a garage band with some great friends playing music from The Ramones, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Velvet Revolver, U2 (my favorite band) and whatever else we want. I have a handful of Fender or Fender-style basses, a Music Man 5-string, and a semi-acoustic Ibanez. Recently, I completed a ’72 P Bass project in Seafoam Green and have been using it as my gigging ax. I prefer flat-wound strings and finger playing, but some songs just sound better with a pick! While I’ve tried many different bass amps, my favorites are from Behringer.

My road-worn Strat was worn by gigging. It’s probably my favorite guitar. Recently, I completed a Jazzcaster project that plays amazingly! Named "8 Ball," it shoots straight and sounds great! Custom features include both a side jack and top Strat jack, Gotoh Tele bridge, super-hot pickups made by a friend of mine, all black hardware, and a very fat Fat Back. I play these through my Fender Cyber Deluxe amp. The programmable effects peddle board is great!

I’m a tinkerer and prior to working at Warmoth, I had been a customer. I love buying an abused guitar or bass and giving it the TLC it deserves to bring it back to life. Most of my instruments have different pickguards, pickups, knobs, or tuners than when I bought them. Mixing and matching is one of the benefits of buying Warmoth custom guitar and bass parts.

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