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Ron Norell

Sales Representative


I picked up my first guitar on the last school day of my freshman year, which was roughly blah blah blah years ago. My first guitar was a Strat copy that had been in a car accident and the bolt-on neck was glued and pieced together without a buyer beware notification. I’ve always been a closet player at home and have played in cover and original bands here in the Northwest. My inspiration to pick up the guitar was George Lynch from Dokken; I am a daily joke here to my cohorts in the sales staff due to that. They’re not sure if I looked at Mr. Lynch as a musical inspiration or if I just liked the highlights in his hair.

I’m a self-taught player who has owned many O’ guitars (Ibanez, ESP, Washburn, Charvel, Ovation, Yamaha, Steinberger, yada yada yada) and was amazed by what I saw on my first day here at Warmoth. Since my start here in October 2011, I’ve built my own Warmoth LP-style guitar and nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares! I love to play Rock, Blues, and a little bit of Pop but really anything that sounds good to me and is melodic works. I’ve been involved with sales/retail my whole working life and equally as long as a guitar player, so working here melds the two together perfectly! My eyes are opened daily to amazing woods for the bodies and necks we build and I try and share that with customers I come in contact with.

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