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Pickguard Order Form

Printable Order Form for Fax, Email, and Mail Orders

1. Choose Pickguard, Trem Cover, or Blank Material

2. Choose the Pickguard Material/Color:

3. Right Hand or Left Hand

4. Choose the pickup configuration:    

Note: Not all pickup routs are available on all pickguards! Please refer to our Pickguard section to see the pickup routs that apply to your pickguard.

Only specify the pickup positions that apply to your pickguard. For example, a Tele® pickguard only accommodates the neck and middle positions, and a JBass® (or PBass®) pickguard only accommodates the middle position while a Strat® pickguard accommodates all three positions.

If a pickup position is not applicable to your pickguard or you just wish to leave it out, then please choose 'None'.

Neck position
Middle position
Bridge position
5. Describe the controls where applicable. On a stock Strat® pickguard, it could be described as:
or  V-T-T-5


If ordering by fax,
pictographs are quick and easy to follow, ie:
6. Please specify mounting hole pattern for Strat® and Tele®.
7. Please specify optional bridge routs on Strat®, Tele® and Jazzmaster pickguards.

Use your browser's print command to print BEFORE you proceed.

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