Jazz Model, Neck, Nickel Cover

Jazz Model, Neck, Nickel Cover
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Classic moderate output humbucker. Especially popular in neck position. Don't let the name fool you; it's not only great for jazz, but also country, blues, funk, classic rock and heavy rock.

Provides an articulate and clear tone. Great for fast runs. The brighter tone has slightly less output and is a good match with most bridge pickups. When distorted, the tone is full and bright. Smooth sustain. Compared to the SH-1 '59 Model, the Jazz has slightly less output and a more detailed treble response. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

Complete setup Available in both neck and bridge models. Often a Jazz neck is paired with an SH-4 JB (Seymour's favorite combination) or SH-5 Duncan Custom in the bridge position for diverse tones.

For balanced and warm instruments. Works especially well with mahogany bodies and rosewood fingerboards.

Available mods
Nickel or gold-plated cover. 7-string neck version. Available in a matched set with an SH-4 JB for the bridge.

Jerry Horton / Papa Roach (neck), Dave Mustaine / Megadeth (neck), Doug Pettibone / Lucinda Williams (neck)

Cable: Four Conductor
DC Resistance: 7.72 k
Resonant Peak: 8 KHz
Magnet: Alnico V Bar
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by Gary Drechsel
on 3/18/2009
Will never leave my LP
I use this pickup in my Warmoth LP and I love it. For me it's the perfect neck pickup. It has a quality of tone that I haven't heard in other neck pickups. Of course that's hard to describe. It just seems to bring out all the good qualities of my guitar. The clean tones, both series and split sound amazing to me. Compared to a '59N, I'd say that it has more color to the tone, whereas the '59 is better for blues or funkier tones. I feel like the Jazz is more of what my guitar really sounds like - it's more balanced, and the '59 is more scooped in the mid range.
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