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Item #: SP902
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(From the Seymour Duncan website)

High output P-90. Excellent for heavy blues, classic rock, hard rock, punk and metal.

Extra coil windings combined with dual (small) ceramic magnets produce higher output, increased sustain, and more sensitivity to subtle string movements. Most noticeable, when compared to the SP90-3, is the pronounced upper mid-range detail that makes this pickup really cut through the mix. Comes with single-conductor hookup cable. Slightly shorter .585" height profile.

Complete setup Available for both neck and bridge positions in a balanced set. Also popular, is an SP90-2 Hot in the bridge position with an SP90-1 Vintage in the neck for tonal versatility.

For balanced and brighter-toned instruments. Works especially well with maple and ebony fingerboards.

Available mods
Choose cream or black cover (included).

Mike Ness / Social Distortion (neck & bridge), Rickey Medlocke / Lynyrd Skynyrd (bridge)

Cable: Four Conductor
DC Resistance: 11.86 k
Resonant Peak: 5.1 KHz
Magnet: Small Ceramic
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by Tom Frye
on 1/30/2010
Tone Monster or Full Body Clean
Perfect with a tube amp.Flings harmonics all over the place when driven. I like it best with round wound strings...very sensitive to subtle finger movement...nice reflection of the person playing.
When clean I feel like I'm really hearing the wood of the guitar....not a thin tone, sounds full to me.
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