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Our "In Stock" selection has thousands of custom bodies and necks ready for purchase! These are the same quality as our custom built items. We pre-build many popular items and pass the savings on to you. Simply click on the image above to view and order today.

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You can now design your neck conveniently online. Depending on your exact specifications, most custom designed items created through our Online Builder only take about 4 to 6 weeks for us to make! Add an extra 4 to 6 weeks if a finish is included. Having it your way is what "custom" is all about and our skilled craftsmen are second to none!

Standard Features on Vintage Modern Construction Necks

Vintage Modern Construction

Our Vintage Modern neck combines vintage-Fender®-style neck design with modern refinements that improve playability and convenience. There is no finer neck of this type on the market. Features include:

  • Single-style truss rod that adjusts at headstock
  • Compound radius fingerboard (other options available)
  • One piece maple necks, two piece mixed-wood necks
  • Walnut skunk stripe
  • Warm vintage tone

The Single-style Truss Rod

Warmoth Vintage Modern necks use a single truss rod design. The rod is attached to a fixed anchor at the heel end of the neck. An anchored adjustment nut at the other end is accessible through an opening at the headstock. The rod sits in a concave channel within the neck, and is installed through a long opening in the back on both one and two piece necks. Once installed in its channel the rod takes a slightly curved or bowed position.

As the adjustment nut is tightened the anchor and nut, unable to pass through the narrow channel ends, begin to exert inward compression on the neck wood. The end of the rod is drawn outwards, and the center upwards towards a staight line. When the nut is loosened the rod relaxes back towards its neutral bowed position.

Characteristics of the Vintage Modern neck include:

  • Adjustments can be made without removing the neck
  • Light weight and minimum mass
  • Less torque required for adjustment
  • Usually requires seasonal adjustments for optimum action

Compound Radius Fingerboard

Over twenty years ago Warmoth pioneered the concept of a conical playing surface. The idea was to keep the lower registers of the fingerboard with a rounder feel, more comfortable for chording and rhythm playing but at the same time to flatten the high registers for easier string bending. The compound radius accomplishes this with a continuously flattening radius beginning with a 10 inch radius at the string nut to a 16 inch radius at the 22nd fret. This compound radius isn't something that feels readily apparent to the playing hand in any noticeable way other than the fact that it is very comfortable to play on. With a professional set-up, these necks play exceptionally well.

Fingerboard Length Options

Standard 22 Fret

A fingerboard with 22 frets is considered the industry "standard" for the last few decades and sports the typical 1/4" overhang off the end of the heel. This has always been the standard spec for our Vintage Modern series.

(Vintage Modern Tele® neck shown)

21 Fret Option

A fingerboard with 21 frets is considered a "vintage" spec, where the fingerboard is flush with the neck heel. You may have one less fret to play on but you will find that taking off and putting on a pickguard is much easier without the the fingerboard overhang.

(Vintage Modern Tele® neck shown)

Pricing Table

Fingerboard Woods

Neck Woods
MapleIndian RosewoodPau FerroIndian Rosewood (Dark)CanaryBubingaGoncalo AlvesPurpleheartBloodwoodWengeEbonyKingwoodZiricoteFigured ZircoteEbony (Black)Ebony (Macassar)
Birdseye Maple$193$193$203$218$228$243$268
Flame Maple$237$237$247$262$272$287$312

Just add the prices shown below to the ones in the table above to pick the actual piece of wood used for your fingerboard! Make sure to include the fingerboard number with your order.

Select Your Fingerboard Wood

wood type
FB1693 +$45
Birdseye Maple

wood type
FB1707 +$45
Birdseye Maple

wood type
FB1734 +$45
Flame Maple

wood type
FB1608 +$55
Ebony (Black)

wood type
FB1624 +$45

wood type
FB1857 +$45

wood type
FB1874 +$45
Indian Rosewood

wood type
FB2060 +$45
Pau Ferro

wood type
FB2241 +$45

wood type
FB2087 +$45
Goncalo Alves

wood type
FB2247 +$45

wood type
FB1177 +$45

wood type
FB1770 +$65

wood type
FB1776 +$65

wood type
FB1717 +$45

wood type
FB1893 +$45

wood type
FB2054 +$45

wood type
FB1983 +$65
Indian Rosewood (Dark)

  • The grain pattern and color will change as the fingerboard is sanded and finished. You should expect some variation in appearance from the picture shown.
  • Warmoth's production managers have discretion to choose the way the fingerboard is oriented on the body wood for the best appearance and structural integrity.
  • If while in production the product is found to be substandard, we will not be able to continue with the piece you have chosen.
  • The charge for selecting a one-of-a-kind fingerboard is non-refundable for order returns, changes, or cancellations.

Available Options for Vintage Modern Construction Straight Paddle Replacement Necks

Click on the More Info for more information about that option.

OrientationMore Info

  • Left Handed
  • Right Handed

Nut WidthMore Info

  • 1-11/16"
  • 1-3/4" [$25.00]
  • 1-5/8"

Back ContoursMore Info

  • 59 roundback [$35.00]
  • Boatneck
  • Clapton [$35.00]
  • Fatback
  • SRV [$35.00]
  • Standard thin
  • Wolfgang [$35.00]

RadiusMore Info

  • 10-16" Compound
  • Straight 10" [$35.00]
  • Straight 10.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 11" [$35.00]
  • Straight 11.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 12" [$35.00]
  • Straight 12.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 13" [$35.00]
  • Straight 13.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 14" [$35.00]
  • Straight 14.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 15" [$35.00]
  • Straight 15.5" [$35.00]
  • Straight 16" [$35.00]
  • Straight 9.0" [$35.00]
  • Straight 9.5" [$35.00]

Mounting HolesMore Info

  • 3 Bolt [$15.00]
  • No Mounting Holes [$15.00]
  • Standard 4 Bolt

String NutsMore Info

  • Black Corian - Earvana Nut [$65.00]
  • Black Corian - Standard Nut [$25.00]
  • GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Earvana Nut [$69.00]
  • GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut [$30.00]
  • GraphTech White TUSQ - Earvana Nut [$69.00]
  • GraphTech White TUSQ XL - Standard Nut [$30.00]
  • LSR Prep [$45.00]
  • No Nut Install
  • White Corian - Earvana Nut [$65.00]
  • White Corian - Standard Nut [$25.00]

Fret SizeMore Info


.118" X .058"


.095" X .045"


.106" X .036"


.103" X .046"


.080" X .037"


Stainless Steel

.095" X .047"


.108" X .051"


.080" X .043"


.110" X .057"


.104" X .047"



.104" X .047"


.110" X .057"



Lined Fretless




No Frets

No Frets Slots Only


InlaysMore Info


Mother Of Pearl Dots


Black Face Dots


Cream Face Dots


Abalone Face Dots


No Inlay


Black Mother Of Pearl Dots


Arizona Turquoise Stone Dots


Bloody Basin Jasper Dots


Azurite Malachite Dots


Coral Dots


Custom Pearloid

Pearloid Sharkfin


Pearloid Trapezoid


Pearloid Star


Pearloid Diamond


Pearloid Oval


Pearloid Straight Cross


Pearloid Celtic Cross


Pearloid Blocks


Pearloid Nightswan


Custom Black

Black Sharkfin


Black Trapezoid


Black Star


Black Diamond


Black Oval


Black Skull & Crossbones


Black Straight Cross


Black Celtic Cross


Black Skull/Celtic Cross


Black Blocks


Black Nightswan


Custom Corian

Bone Corian Skull & Bones




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