Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Modern Construction Neck

Modern Construction

Pro construction necks represent our premium neck offering. They feature a number of advancements including our double truss rod design, compound radius fretboard, convenient truss rod adjustment and the widest range of custom options to be found anywhere. The sustain of these necks is excellent, with an even and balanced tonal range sure to please your ears. In terms of quality, convenience and long term serviceability there is no finer neck on the market.

Here is an overview of the design elements that set these necks apart from all others:


The truss rod used in PRO necks is our double expanding truss rod. Not to be confused with what some others call a double rod, the Warmoth design is double in that there are two lengths of rod in the neck that act together to move the neck. (We do not offer a truss rod that is adjustable in two directions, such rods are not necessary in properly designed and constructed necks.) The Pro rod is not anchored at either end, it is free floating within the neck and all the compression forces are exerted on the metal rod, not the neck. Only the backward motion of the rod is transmitted into the neck to counteract the pull of the guitar strings. The seasonal adjustments needed by most vintage rod necks are minimized with the Pro design.

The Double Expanding Truss Rod
for Warmoth Guitar Necks

The double rod is installed directly under the fretboard in a straight trench approximately 3/8" deep. A long adjusting nut is used to focus the truss action away from the unmovable heel joint.

When flexed in the neck, resulting pressures are shown above. The blue arrows show the two rod ends exerting high downward forces while the middle pushes up uniformly. The resulting neck movement shown with the yellow arrow, determines string action height and corresponding relief.

The force exerted by the tail end of the double rod is considerable. There must be a minimum 1/8" of wood below the rod end to prevent wood failure in this area. This becomes a concern only when thinning a neck beyond factory engineered dimensions.

Benefits of the double expanding truss rod

  • Extremely stable, no seasonal adjustments are necessary
  • Increased mass = longer sustain, cleaner and clearer notes
  • No end to end wood compression to eventually distort the neck
  • Top adjusting on 13° Angled necks
  • Double the weight of vintage rod
  • More torque required for adjustment
  • More expensive to manufacture


Over twenty years ago Warmoth pioneered the concept of a conical playing surface. The idea was to keep the lower registers of the fretboard with a rounder feel, more comfortable for chording and rhythm playing but at the same time to flatten the high registers for easier string bending. The compound radius accomplishes this with a continuously flattening radius beginning with a 10 inch radius at the string nut to a 16 inch radius at the 22nd fret. This compound radius isn't something that feels readily apparent to the playing hand in any noticeable way other than the fact that it is very comfortable to play on. With a professional set-up, these necks play exceptionally well.