Fingerboard Length Options

Standard 22 Fret

A fingerboard with 22 frets is considered the industry "standard" for the last few decades and sports the typical 1/4" overhang off the end of the heel. This has always been the standard spec for our Vintage Modern series.

(Vintage Modern Tele® neck shown)

21 Fret Option

A fingerboard with 21 frets is considered a "vintage" spec, where the fingerboard is flush with the neck heel. You may have one less fret to play on but you will find that taking off and putting on a pickguard is much easier without the the fingerboard overhang.

(Vintage Modern Tele® neck shown)

21 vs. 22 Frets

The original Fender necks all have 21 fret fingerboards, Gibsons have 22. Over the years, the 22 fret replacement neck evolved with the 22nd fret on a slight fingerboard extension as shown below. There is a .125" (3mm) space between the top side of a body and underside of a fingerboard to accomodate a standard thickness pickguard.

Warmoth Pro and Vintage Modern necks come standard with 22 frets. Total Vintage necks offered with 21 frets only. Switching from 21 to 22 frets usually requires no modification to the guitar besides replacing the neck.

24 Fret Extension

The desire for a 2 octave neck drives some players to extremes. This can be accomplished by extending the fingerboard a little more.

The trade-off is the neck pickup. As you can see, the extra frets must move towards the bridge and interfere with the neck pickup. In order to use a neck pickup, it becomes necessary to relocate the pickup rout. This is why we offer the 24 fret reposition on bodies.

This custom feature is $25.00 extra and is available ONLY on Warmoth Pro construction necks.

24 Fret Pickup Rout Reposition for Bodies

On Flat Top Bodies, we can reposition the neck pickup rout towards the bridge; just out of reach of the 24 fret fretboard extension.

Soloist body shown

Soloist with 24 Fret
Extension neck

This custom feature is $35 extra.

Helpful Tips

Player Tips:

  • Not using a pickguard and are you using a rear routed body? Be sure to check out our 720 body modification.
  • Can YOU reach from that body indent to the end of the fret board? A common concern of 24 fret replacement necks is that of access to those extra frets with YOUR fingers. You can see the difference below in hand access between a Strat® body (Left) and the Soloist body (Right). Consider a Soloist body for awesome access to every fret on your 22 or 24 fret neck.

Tech Tips:

  • Our fingerboard extensions hang over the top of the body with a gap of about .125" (3mm) between the fingerboard and the guitar body. Most pickguards do not exceed .090" (2.3mm) in thickness. After installing a pickguard, the gap is reduced to about .035" (0.8mm) or about a 32nd of an inch.
  • Some Strat® models with thick pickguards, specifically, the Strat® Plus can have problems with fingerboard extensions. On these guitars, either the pickguard must be modified or the bottom of the fingerboard shaved down.