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21 vs. 22 Frets

Fender's® original Strat® and Tele® necks had 21 frets, while Gibson® necks had 22. In order to bring this extra range to Fender®-style instruments, replacement necks with a 22nd fret on a short fingerboard extension were developed.

Standard 22 Fret

The modern-style 22 fret fingerboard is standard on our Warmoth Pro and Vintage Modern series necks.

  • Fingerboard extends 1/4" beyond neck heel.
  • A 1/8"(3mm) space between the fingerboard overhang and the top of the body leaves enough room for a standard thickness pickguard.
  • Switching from a 21 to 22 fret neck usually requires no modification to the guitar.

21 Fret Option

The vintage-style 21 fret fingerboard is optional on Warmoth Pro and Vintage Modern necks. Total Vintage necks are offered with 21 frets only.

  • Fingerboard ends flush with neck heel.
  • No fingerboard overhang makes pickguard installation and removal easier.

24 Fret Extension

For those who desire a full two-octave neck Warmoth offers a 24 Fret Extension fingerboard. This custom feature is $25.00 extra and is available on Warmoth Pro construction necks only.

24 Fret Pickup Rout Reposition for Bodies

24 Fret Extension necks interfere with standard neck pickup placement, making it necessary to relocate the pickup rout. On flat top bodies we can reposition the neck pickup rout towards the bridge just beyond the 24 fret fretboard extension. This custom feature is $35 extra.

Upper Fret Access

A common concern with 24 fret replacement necks is that of access. Our Soloist body has a deeper cutaway than a Strat® body, allowing quicker access to the upper frets:


When installing a neck with a fingerboard overhang it is critical to ensure the overhang has enough clearance to accomodate your pickguard. Failure to do so could result in seperation of the fingerboard from the neck and is not covered under warranty. Use the info below to assist you in choosing the correct parts.

  • Our fingerboard extensions hang over the top of the body with a gap of about 1/8"(3mm) between the fingerboard and the guitar body. Most pickguards do not exceed .090"(2.3mm) in thickness. After installing a pickguard the gap is reduced to about .035"(0.8mm), or about 1/32".
  • Some Strat® models with thick pickguards, specifically the Strat Plus®, can have problems with fingerboard extensions. On these guitars, either the pickguard must be modified or the bottom of the fingerboard shaved down.
  • If you are using a rear-routed body with no pickguard be sure to check out our 720 neck pocket modification.

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