Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Tuner Holes

Guitar Neck Tuner Holes

Tuner hole dimensions


Our standard tuner holes are an 11/32" straight bore. This matches up to the push-in grommets of the standard Vintage Style tuners (some copies may be different).

By request and at no additional cost we will ream or counter-bore the holes to fit most popular tuners with the purchase of a new Warmoth neck.

Baritone necks typically use large gauge strings that do not fit through the string holes on Schaller mini locking tuners.

Which tuners will fit my hole size?

Hole Size Tuners that fit
Vintage Style (11/32") Gotoh Vintage Style Tuners
Schaller (25/64", 11/32") Schaller Mini Locking Tuners
Gotoh/Grover (13/32", 11/32") Gotoh SG38 Tuners
Sperzel (25/64") We do not carry these tuners.
Planet Waves (13/32") Planet Wave Auto Trim Tuners