Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Vintage Info

Vintage Construction

For those desiring a close replica of the early vintage Fender necks, this is it. We have duplicated both the dimensions and construction methods used in the mid to late 50's.


The truss rod in these vintage necks is the same as found in the vintage Fender necks, a single rod anchored at either end, curving over an arch within the neck. This design has functioned successfully in millions of necks though does usually require seasonal adjustment for optimum action. In the all maple necks you will find the expected skunk stripe. In necks with rosewood fingerboards the truss rod is installed under the fingerboard so there is no skunk stripe.


The only truss rod access is through the heel of the neck. Yes, it's necessary to loosen the neck mounting screws to gain access to this adjustment.


The vintage radius is 7 1/4", very rounded. This is a very comfortable radius for rhythm playing as well as chording though it is pretty limiting for any string bending. Our compound 10-16" radius is also a standard option. Custom straight radiuses from 9" to 16" are also available for $35.00 extra. There are 21 frets.