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Total Vintage Construction

Our Total Vintage necks duplicate both the dimensions and construction methods used in the mid to late 50's. For those desiring a close replica of the early vintage Fender® necks, this is it. There is no finer neck of this type on the market. Features include:

  • Single-style truss rod that adjusts at heel
  • 7-1/4" radius fingerboard (other options available)
  • 1-5/8” string nut width (other options available)
  • One piece maple necks with Walnut skunk stripe
  • Two piece mixed wood necks have no skunk stripe
  • 21 frets
  • Warm vintage tone

The Vintage Single-Style Truss Rod

Warmoth Total Vintage necks use a vintage-Fender®-style single truss rod design. The rod is attached to a fixed anchor at the headstock end of the neck. An adjustment nut at the other end is accessible through an opening at the heel. The rod sits in a concave channel within the neck, and is installed under the fingerboard on two piece necks, or through a long opening in the back on one piece necks. Once installed in its channel the rod takes a slightly curved or bowed position.

As the adjustment nut is tightened the anchor and nut, unable to pass through the narrow channel ends, begin to exert inward compression on the neck wood. The end of the rod is drawn outwards, and the center upwards towards a staight line. When the nut is loosened the rod relaxes back towards its neutral bowed position.

Characteristics of the Total Vintage neck include:

  • Light weight and minimum mass
  • The closest look and tone to vintage necks
  • Less torque needed for adjustment
  • A "Skunk Stripe" on one piece necks
  • Neck must be removed for adjustment
  • Usually requires seasonal adjustment for optimal action

Fingerboard Radius

The vintage radius is 7 1/4", very rounded. This is a very comfortable radius for rhythm playing as well as chording though it is pretty limiting for any string bending. Our compound 10-16" radius is also a standard option. Custom straight radiuses from 9" to 16" are also available for $35.00 extra. There are 21 frets.

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