Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Neck Binding

Guitar Neck Binding

(Only available on Modern construction)

Binding is a decorative classy looking detail requiring considerable handwork to accomplish. Our frets are notched on each end to overlay the binding for a very smooth transition.

Price for a binding on a neck = $110

Available Binding Materials







Our binding material measures about .090" thick by .25" tall (2mm x 6mm)

Strat® replacement neck with White Binding

Tele® replacement neck with Black Binding

Strat® replacement neck with Cream Binding

CBS Strat® replacement neck with Pearloid Binding

Warmoth neck with Ivoroid Binding

Strat® replacement neck with Tortoise Binding

Important: If specifying a finish on your bound neck, please add $30 to the paint and finish price to cover the extra labor for taping and prep work.

Important: We can now offer binding on necks with stainless steel and gold frets. Please add $45 to the binding price to cover the extra labor involved in this process.