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  1. Custom Headstock; we can cut your own custom headstock design on one of our Modern necks (either straight or 13 degree tiltback) to give it a custom look without an exorbitant custom price. To do this you will need to supply a full size drawing of precisely what you want before we can quote a price for you. We work directly from your drawing so it must be very accurate, including key hole location. We can’t work from a FAX as the FAX machine compresses the drawings. We can't work from an e-mail or picture as it's too difficult to accurately scale. Minimum charge is $65 and the price goes up depending upon the complexity and time involved in accomplishing the task.
  2. Totally Custom Neck; That's right, we can make just about anything but must have a sample or very complete drawings to work from. Generally speaking, such a neck is going to cost in the $600 range. The work required for these custom necks is quite extensive, so we can only take on these projects during our slower parts of the year. If you have interests in this direction, please give us a call and we can discuss it further 253-845-0403.
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