Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Conversion Necks

Conversion Necks

Conversion necks are another Warmoth innovation in guitar customization. We have been making conversion necks for years and the concept is to change the scale of the guitar without modifying the body. This is not a totally new concept, the early Mustang guitars could be had with either 22.5" or 24" scale necks; the same body would accept either neck without modification. Our initial objective was to offer the traditional Gibson® scale length of 24 ¾" to fit the Fender guitars and these have proven themselves unique in the market. Later we went the opposite direction and created the 28 5/8" scale length Baritone Conversion neck to bring a deeper tone to the guitar. Either of these necks may be substituted for your original 25.5" scale neck without body modification. Of course you will need to tune and re-intonate the guitar to match the new scale. This is a very easy conversion and allows you a relatively inexpensive way to experience something new on your old Fender®.

The scale length of a guitar is actually the string length. Simply measuring from the playing side of the string nut to the break over point of the string on the bridge will give you the scale. Usually though we'd measure to the 12th fret (half scale) and double this number, as strings usually intonate a little longer than actual scale (has to do with action height and the distance the string is depressed when fretting, amongst other things).

If you are building a custom guitar you may choose from the three scales we offer and our standard bodies will accept these necks perfectly, just the same as if you put them on a Strat body. Easy, huh?