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Conversion Necks

Conversion necks are a Warmoth innovation that allow you to easily change the scale length of your 25-1/2" bolt-on guitar to either 24-3/4" (Gibson® length) or 28-5/8" (Baritone length). They work by lengthening or shortening the distance between the bridge saddles and the string nut. Moving the bridge is not necessary.

Gibson® Scale Conversion Necks

This neck allows you to change the scale length of your 25-1/2" Fender® scale guitar to the shorter Gibson® scale of 24-3/4". This shortens the distance between frets and lowers string tension for easier, quicker playing.

The following replacement necks are available as a Gibson® Scale 24-3/4" Conversion:
Stratocaster® | CBS Strat® | Tiltback Strat® | Telecaster® | Jazzmaster® | Arcade | Regal | Vortex | Warhead

Baritone Scale Conversion Necks

This neck allows you to lengthen the scale of a 25-1/2" Fender®-style guitar to the longer Baritone scale of 28-5/8", which facilitates lowered tunings such as A or C. Though the fretboard is slightly wider than normal in the upper fret area, the neck employs an ingenious undercut heel design that still fits common 2-3/16" neck pockets.

The following replacement necks are available as a 28-5/8" Baritone Conversion:
Stratocaster® | Tiltback Strat® | Telecaster® | Warhead | Warmoth | Vortex | Regal | Arcade | Tiltback Paddle

Installation and Setup

These replacement necks bolt directly on to any 25-1/2" scale guitar body that uses Fender's® vintage/original 2-3/16" (56mm) neck pocket dimensions. It is not necessary to modify the neck pocket or move the bridge. After installation simply re-intonate your guitar to match the new scale. It is an easy conversion that allows you an inexpensive way to experience something new on your old Fender®.

All Conversion Necks are built using Modern construction.

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