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Telecaster® Thinline

Swamp Ash on Swamp Ash
Standard Thinline Body

Telecaster® Thinline

Swamp Ash on Swamp Ash
Standard Thinline shown
with Pickguard

Telecaster® Thinline

Swamp Ash
View of internal
Thinline Chambers

This Thinline Body has the same perimeter shape as our standard Tele® body, however, it is made with 3 large tone chambers. The resulting tone is fatter and woody with good brightness and pop. The weight is about 1/3rd less than the solid body.

We construct our Thinline a bit differently from the Fender originals. The originals had the cavities routed from the back and therefore it had to be covered from the back. We rout from the front where we may incorporate either a plain or fancy bookmatched top! The Lam-Top thickness is 1/4".

Optionally available without an F-Hole

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