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Tele® Deluxe
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Tele® Deluxe

Tele® Deluxe Body


Tele® Deluxe Body shown
with Pickguard

Routed to accommodate both the big Fender® humbucker and the Gibson® humbucker in the bridge and neck positions. Bridge holes are drilled for a Strat® flatmount.

NOTE: The Tele® Deluxe originally came with a Strat® neck hence the Strat® neck pocket on the replacement body we offer. The Tele® neck pocket option is available on this body for only $15.

The original Tele® Deluxe also came with a tummy cut contour as standard. Our Tele® Deluxe does NOT have a tummy cut contour as standard. You can specify that to be done for only $15!

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