Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - VIP Binding Options

VIP Carved Top Binding

Available Bindings:

Our binding material measures about .090" thick by .25" tall (2mm x 6mm)

Note: For bodies receiving a Warmoth finish, add $30 per binding side to the finish price for the added labor of prepping and scraping the binding.

Binding On Carved Top Bodies

Carved top bodies are much more challenging to bind because the cut becomes three dimentional.

Price: $110.00

Masked Accent

Masked Accents are a paint process which offers the appearance of binding but is really only the underlying wood left unpainted or unstained.

The process is to mask off the edges of the top wood, then spray or dye the body. The mask is then removed before shooting the clear coats. A dark color for the body gives the most contrast.

Note: Only available for bodies with Laminate Tops.

Clear Masked Accent $75.00

Drop Top Masked Accent

Drop Top Clear Masked Accent

Drop Top Clear Masked Accent $75.00