Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Tele® Rear Routing Option

Tele® Rear Routing & Control Options

Rear Routed Tele® (Top & Back)
with stock Tele® controls.

Rear Routed Tele® (Top & Back)
with stock Strat® controls.

When beautiful woods are used on a body, it is often desirable to cut the control cavity from the back. This way there is no need to cover the beautiful wood with a pickguard. This is called "Rear Routing" and it allows maximum exposure of the face wood.

This larger cavity allows very near stock positioning of the 3-way switch and pot holes. Cavity depth is 1-1/2" leaving a face thickness of 1/4" except in the area of the switch where the thickness is only .090".

There is no extra charge to have any or all the control holes cut in their standard positions (shown above).

All rear routed bodies are supplied with a recessed cover plate and mounting screws.