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Custom Guitar Bodies

To make custom bodies more easily understood. We must begin with our standard bodies.

All our standard bodies are machined with CNC routers, these routers operate from elaborate computer programs to rout, drill and shape each body. CNC is very quick, accurate and efficient when there are thousands of parts to make. The difficult part is creating the initial programs and holding fixtures. We have invested heavily into this technology in order to provide customized standard parts at competitive prices.

When it comes to totally custom shaped bodies, CNC is out the door, we must build these special pieces totally by hand, working from your drawings, tracings and specs.

Basic custom bodies generally start out around $350.00 and go up from there.

Mail in your full size drawing for approval and to get a quote.

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Idea! - Another way to create a Custom Body would be to order up a
Guitar Body Blank or a Bass Body Blank with all the routings for a neck pocket, pickups, bridge and control cavity and then you can shape and finish the body yourself!

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