Comfort Contours

Tummy and Forearm Contours

Strat® Comfort Contours may be applied to most bodies that don't already come standard with them. You may choose just the Forearm Contour, just the Tummy Contour or both as you find them in your drop down options.

Add $15.00 to the body price per option. ($30.00 for both)

Heel Contour Option

The heel contour option shaves about a quarter-inch off the thickness of the heel and sculpts the lower horn for improved hand access. It is much more comfortable to play high on the neck with this feature!

  • Uses the standard 4-bolt neck plate.
  • This custom feature is available for most body styles excluding Hollow Custom T Bass and Double neck bodies.

Add $35.00 to the body price for this option

NOTE: The following bodies come standard with the Heel Contour at no extra charge: VIP, 7 String Flat Top, 7 String Baritone & 7 String Carved Top.

Neck Screws for Heel Contour

WARNING! Be careful, if you use the wrong screws they could exit through your fingerboard!
Use our Heel Contour neck screws.

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