Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Chambered/Hollow

Solid / Chambered / Hollow Body Construction

The way your body is constructed on the inside plays an important role in how your instrument sounds and feels. Your instrument should always help you to play your best so that's why Warmoth offers you choices you don't get from off-the-rack retailers.

(The construction options available for your selected body shape are listed in the drop down menu on the body builder page.)

Solid Bodies

Solid body construction is as the name implies; solid wood from top to back besides the routs for hardware, pickups and bridges. Solid bodies are the most common construction type for electric guitars and basses. We know that great woods equal great tone so we've spent decades acquiring the best wood for a selection that is unmatched.

Chambered Bodies


For years we heard the cry for lighter weight bodies - here it is! Our uniquely engineered chambers allow the body to remain very stiff while affording a minimum 25% weight reduction!

These bodies are very resonant, they even feel alive when plucked. Sustain is improved over their solid body counterparts and feedback isn't even an issue. Tone wise: Alder, Ash, and Mahogany each maintain their traditional wood/tone coloration but it's more open, full, fat, and chunky. Choose the body core material for your "wood tone" preference then choose the face or top wood for the look you prefer. Whether you're simply looking for less weight or exciting tone, you won't be disappointed!

Hollow Bodies

Telecaster Thinline

Hollow Body construction contains 2 or 3 large chambers inside instead of the honeycomb-like chambers of our Chambered Bodies. These large chambers result in a fat, woody tone with good brightness and pop. The weight is about 1/3rd less than a solid body. Choose the body core material for your "wood tone" preference then choose the face or top wood for the look you prefer!

Omit Inner Bridge Chamber option. When you choose the Hollow Body option you are given an additional choice to omit the small chamber under the bridge area and leave it solid. Choose this option if you are planning to mount a Bigsby style tremolo bridge or other types of bridges that require your own routing or mounting holes in that area.