Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo VS100, Chrome

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Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo VS100, Chrome

Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo VS100, Chrome
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Item #: WT1C
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Advanced design improves sustain and tuning accuracy over traditional style tremolos. When used in conjunction with the LSR Roller Nut or a Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut and locking tuners, Wilkinsons stay in tune! This bridge features stainless steel saddles, arm, and studs. It has an easy detachable arm with a nylon adjustment collar for very smooth operation. This bridge has a string spread of 2-1/8" (54mm).

All the plating features a honed (satin) finish.

For mounting, this bridge is the ultimate in self-alignment. The left stud locates the bridge in its half circle detent and the other rests against a straight blade for consistent, accurate pivoting and position. This is a proven, excellent bridge design.

If you supply us with your studs & inserts, or buy the bridge or studs from us, we will install them in your new Warmoth body for just +$10.00.

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Comes complete with:
1 Bridge
1 Tremolo Arm
3 Springs
1 Claw
2 Claw Screws
2 Mounting Studs
3 Allen Wrenches


Each set includes 2 studs and 2 inserts
Item Number Color Price
WSC Chrome $12.00 per set
WSB Black $13.00 per set
WSG Gold $14.00 per set



Wilkinson Tremolo Routing

Drilled for .382" (9.70 mm) diameter insert

NOTE: Rout not available on Tele® Deluxe bodies. Studs interfere with pickguard.

Recessed Wilkinson Tremolo Routing

Drilled for .382" (9.70 mm) diameter insert

NOTE: Rout not available on Tele® Deluxe bodies. Studs interfere with pickguard.

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by Stephen
on 5/18/2013
20 years Still beautiful
I replaced my floyd rose on my strat back in the early 90's. Really, the second I started playing 5 or 6 gigs a week as a pro I realised how impractical a Floyd Rose was on stage - unless you are using a full time guitar tech and enough spare guitars! The Wilkinson has been brilliant and works beautifully, no problems at all with tone, it sounds great, and keeps you in tune. I suggest you get a pro to install as this is important and makes a big difference. 
by Marshall
on 7/20/2012
Great tremolo bridge
Easy to install. Nice smooth feel, very easy to do nice vibrato with the bar. Combined with a set of locking tuners, the guitar keeps tune perfectly (it might have even without the locking tuners, I don't know). Highly recommended.
by Brandon
on 3/16/2011
Very Nice!
This is my second Wilkinson tremelo and I absolutely love both of them. they stay in tune and are a breeze to set up. 
The only gripe I have with this particular model is that it is not actually chrome. In fact, the only piece that is chrome plated is the bar. The rest has a brushed nickle appearance. Just beware if you are looking for a nice shiney piece to compliment the look of your axe this won't do it.
by WilliamNothing
on 5/25/2010
Probably the best non-floyd tremolo
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