Gotoh 510 Stud Mount Bridge, Gold

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Gotoh 510 Stud Mount Bridge, Gold

Gotoh 510 Stud Mount Bridge, Gold
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Item #: G510G
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NOTE: This bridge is best suited for carved top guitar bodies (DC-1, VIP, Carved Top Tele® and Carved Top Soloist). It is difficult to achieve lower action on flat top guitar bodies (Strat®, Tele®, etc.) when using this bridge. Therefore, this bridge is only recommended for carved top bodies.

The Gotoh 510 bridge consolidates the normal 2-piece bridge and stop tail piece set up into one superbly designed piece. Secure and solid, it sustains extremely well allowing your strings a single termination point. This sleek and compact bridge is an ideal mate for our VIP and SC-1 style carved top bodies. A neck pocket angle of 1-1/2 to 3 degrees is necessary for best set up.

  • String spread is 2-1/16" (52.39mm).
  • Spring clips lock the bridge securely on to the mounting studs.
  • Specially designed studs lock securely to the body.

(Click on images to enlarge).

On a new Warmoth Body purchase, we can rout the correct angle in the neck pocket for just $10.00.

If you supply us with the studs and inserts or purchase a G510 bridge on the same order as your body, we can install the inserts and studs including ground wire for just $10.00.




Comes complete with:
1 Bridge
1 Pair of Studs and Inserts
3 Allen Wrenches


Gotoh 510 Routing

Insert holes are drilled .421" (10.69 mm) diameter.

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by Wolfgang
on 4/5/2014
Perfect for VIP-Body
This is a very well constructed and durable wraparound-bridge. It works fine, give a very smooth feeling for palm-mute-action and sounds great.
I can not understand the negative reviews - did they skrew it in the wrong (Fender-Style) Body?

by Heath
on 12/27/2012
Gotoh 510
Not good.  Will it hold the strings?  Yes.  That's about it.  Very cumbersome to do just about anything with. Saddle adjustment screws rattle and buzz at various pitches while playing.  Difficult to adjust action without removing most string tension (the set screws dig into the studs).  There are no relief cuts on the bottom for the strings to ride in, so unless you mod the thing right out of the box, you can't use that last .05" of action adjustment.  The color plating, on the gold at least, is very thin.  Save your money and buy something more expensive.  I'm probably going to end up just scraping this thing and buying what I should have in the beginning.
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