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Louis Farbstein

Merrick, NY, United States

I call this guitar my "Gretsch-O-Caster." Both neck and body are Warmoth. The body is poplar and the neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. It was painted by a local auto body shop using Ford urethane enamel. The pickups are GFS hot over-wound Liverpool Retrotron humbuckers. I was unable to find silver Gretsch-type pickup rings, so I painted standard black ones with spray paint. Since regular pickup rings are angled to fit an arched top guitar, it was necessary for me to file them flat. The guitar has a Bigsby B50 trem with Vibramate String Spoiler and a roller bridge. The tuners are Gotoh minis. The volume and tone pots are topped with Gretsch G--arrow knobs. Assembly was completed in June, 2013. That's my signature on the head stock.

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