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Detroit, MI, United States

Body: chambered Tele® style (4lb 4oz) flame maple/1-pc swamp ash, Sunset Orange w/ natural masked binding. Neck: 24-3/4" Pro Conversion, 12" radius, 6130 frets (all to match my Gibson SG '61 RI), Q-sawn maple/ebony w/ Corian skull & bones inlays & nut. Pickups: Lindy Fralin split-blade hum-cancelling, "blues" 5% over-wound. Controls: reverse w/ 4-way switch (bridge/both parallel/neck/both series). Custom leather pick guard by MK Holloway. El Dorado strap. The axe plays like a dream; endless sustain from the chambered body. The Fralins sing, but with a slight grind when picked hard, just like I wanted with the "blues" winding. It's twang-a-licious, clean or dirty! This is my 1st Warmoth project. It was so fun & rewarding.

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