Fender® LSR Roller Nut, 1 11/16" Wide, Chrome

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Fender® LSR Roller Nut, 1 11/16" Wide, Chrome

Fender® LSR Roller Nut, 1 11/16" Wide, Chrome
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The LSR Roller Nut dramatically reduces the usual friction and nut slot binding that can cause tuning instability. Each string rides on two metal ball bearings. Open strings resonate long and clear, sounding like your fretted notes because they are terminating on metal just like your fretted notes. The LSR Roller Nut is an excellent component to a guitar build that uses a Tremolo Bridge and Locking Style Tuners.

  • Right Hand only.
  • 1-11/16 Nut Width necks only.
  • Available in brushed Chrome only.
  • Comes with a Wilkinson nut adapter for converting older Strat® Plus models, instructions, mounting screws and shims to get the nut height just right.

Will accommodate string gauges from . 008" to .056".

Maximum string gauge per slot:

  • 1st string - .024"
  • 2nd string - .028"
  • 3rd string - .034"
  • 4th string - .039"
  • 5th string - .048"
  • 6th string - .059"

Warmoth can rout the special sized nut slot on your new Warmoth neck for just + $45! Click here for details!

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by Eric
on 6/16/2013
Best Alternative Component to Flowd Configuration.
LSR nut has had excellent reliability, works wonderfully with original Wilkinson bridge and original Fender Sperzel Locking tuners, even with 2 body replacements 2 neck re-frets. 

After ~ 16 years of heavy use, no problems. (Have used standard slight gauge strings, starting at .010, going down to .046). Never had a bearing fall out...

Based upon personal experiences, would recommend LSR nut and suggest any comparable, robust locking tuners and bridge combinations.
by Brian
on 11/21/2012
LSR review.
I currently have this installed on my Variax, and it REALLY works. I have zero tuning problems on this guitar. However, this is a "digital" guitar, I have yet to try it on a standard pickup guitar...so I can't say how it may affect tone in that arena.
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