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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts May 2014
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How Frets are Installed

Gluing Frets

Many of the necks Warmoth mails out each day are shipped without a finish. They travel all over the world, through all kinds of temperature and humidity changes that can cause unfinished wood to move and shift slightly. It is critical that the frets in our necks be installed securely, in a way that prevents popping or raising. For this reason, we spent decades developing a technique for installing frets that we believe is the best in the business.

We use a special pump to force a gel-type cyanoacrylate glue into the fret slots. Then, we press the fret in through the glue, securely anchoring the wire in the slot. The glue back-fills the walls of the fret slot where the barbs of the fret tang have been forced down. This technique keeps the frets firmly locked in the slots. Basically, this is a hybrid of both the compression and glued-fret installation techniques. The glue also has a release agent in it so the frets can be easily extracted should a refret ever become necessary.

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Binding Done Right!

White Binding

Binding on a neck looks fantastic, but it presents some challenges when it comes to installing frets. Some companies lay the binding on the outside of the fret, and carve little "nibs" in the binding that cover the fret ends. We feel this not only adds unnecessary labor and expense, but results in a narrower fretting area and an inferior playing experience.

Instead, we install our binding first, and the frets on top of it. This way the fret ends can extend all the way to the edge of the fingerboard. Laying the binding under the frets, rather than on the outside, creates a wider and smoother playing surface.

Warmoth's binding installation technique also makes fret maintenance easier and less expensive. Frets can be filed, removed, and re-installed without having to destroy or remove the binding.

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