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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts April 2014
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Warm Up to Koa!

Koa Strat® and Tele® Bodies

Koa (Acacia Koa) is a warm, beautiful wood endemic to the islands of Hawaii. It grows relatively quickly, but its limited habitat makes it extremely rare. It was used by the ancient Hawaiians to build canoes and surfboards, and is used today in the crafting of fine furniture. It has also come to be prized as a tonewood, particularly for use in making ukuleles and guitars.

Warmoth uses Koa in the construction of both guitar and bass bodies, and necks. It is medium to heavy in weight, with a density and strength very similar to Mahogany. Its overall warm tonality is also quite similar, though Koa exhibits a bit more brightness.

Koa has golden or reddish brown coloring, with stripes of tan or brown. It can also develop a flamed figure that is exceptionally beautiful. We reserve these special blanks for use as thin laminate tops. When bookmatched and finished in clear gloss (as shown above) the results are stunning.

View In-Stock Koa guitar bodies.

View In-Stock Koa guitar necks.

Fret Shoot-out: 6105 vs 6150

6150 vs 6105

Warmoth offers fret wire in many sizes*. Our two most popular are 6105 and 6150, and it's easy to see why. They both fall in the "medium" size range, and are well suited for both lead and rhythm playing. They also both work just as well on bass as on guitar.

Choosing between them is mostly a matter of feel. 6150 is the wire closest to what Fender® uses on their modern American necks. It has a smooth, quick feel that many players are familiar with. For those who want a slightly more tactile feel we recommend 6105. It has a narrower width that feels a little "frettier" as you move your hand up and down the neck.

The difference between 6105 and 6150 isn't huge, but it's these subtle distinctions that allow you create a signature neck built just for you and the way you play.

*Warmoth uses Dunlop fret numbers for reference only. Actual fret measurements will vary slightly from batch to batch.

Learn more about fret sizes.

Sprucing up the Website

New Warmoth Front Page

We kicked off April by refreshing the home page of our website. We gave it a brand new look and a nifty new navigation bar. Our goal was to make finding things easier for both our English and non-English speaking customers. We also spruced up the look of many of the product pages.

Take a minute to check out the new look, and watch for even more enhancements to the website in the coming months.

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