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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts March 2013
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7/8th Bodies and Necks

7/8th Bodies and Necks

You like a Fender body style. But, you also like playing a shorter scale Gibson neck.


Solution - the Warmoth 7/8 S-Style or 7/8 T-Style guitars!

Warmoth made a few back in the 1980's for customers. We made some more for Valley Arts guitars in the 1990's. Today, you can order everything you need to put one together yourself...all with Warmoth parts and in-stock hardware from brands you trust!

One of the early Warmoth projects was a 7/8 guitar for a customer. With a comfortable Mustang neck, Warmoth created a scaled down guitar body to match it. A handful were made for customers to use with their short scale necks.

During the early years of Valley Arts, they contacted Warmoth about making a new guitar. They were looking for a guitar that featured the ergonomics of a Strat or Tele with the comfortable short scale of a Gibson. The 7/8 "S" Body and 7/8 "T" body guitars were born. Warmoth produced many of the bodies and necks for the completed guitars sold by Valley Arts.

The Valley Arts concept was a hit. For the past several years, however, new production models have not been available. Since then, Warmoth has received many requests for a similar guitar. We've developed guitar bodies and necks that pay tribute to those early Warmoth and Valley Arts concepts.

Introducing the Warmoth 7/8 S-Style and 7/8 T-Style guitars!

Who are these guitars for? Players who:

  • enjoy playing Mustangs and Jaguars
  • prefer a Gibson style shorter scale neck
  • want a lighter Strat or Tele style body
  • wish the ergonomic Strat style was slightly smaller
  • look forward to building their own guitar
  • don't want something that looks tiny (look at our side-by-side comparison)

These styles use your favorite hardware, electronics, and pickups. We created custom pickguards that match terrifically. And, we have our road-tested, player-approved Warhead 24-3/4" necks that fit so well, you'd think we designed it that way...

While the body and neck are scaled down, the offering isn't. All of the paint, dye, stain, and finish options are available. Nut and fretwire options are the same as standard Strat and Tele styles. Best of all, the price is standard too!

While the body and neck are scaled down, the offering isn't. All of our paint, dye, stain, and finish options are available. Nut and fretwire options are the same as standard Strat and Tele styles. Best of all, the price is standard too!

Order a body and neck, pickguard, hardware, and electronics and you become the final assembly technician of your own custom shop!

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Lijie Yang - NY Artist Plays a Warmoth 7/8 S-Style Body

Lijie Yang – NY Artist Plays a Warmoth 7/8th S-Style Body

Warmoth loves the artists and players that use our products. One glance around our Warmoth Stars webpage and you'll see some of our good friends that are rocking our stuff on some of the biggest stages around the world.

On any weekend, you'll probably find even more artists playing smaller stages all over the world. Artists like New York based Singer/Songwriter Lijie Yang. She's a musician in the trenches. Battling it out to let her music be heard. And just like the big names, she needs high quality gear designed for her specific needs. And gear that she can rely on night after night, gig after gig.

Warmoth Guitar Products was there to help her design her own 7/8 S-Style body and custom neck.

Read the rest of the interview to learn about her path to Warmoth and beyond

Earvana Compensated Nut


Over the years, inventive artists and luthiers have tried several "fixes" to getting a true tone from their guitars. No matter how well your guitar is set up, intonation discrepancies will cause certain chords to sound a little "off."

Not any longer!

Earvana patented nut technology solves this issue by compensating each string individually for better intonation. Additional benefits include:

  • Keep your frets, bridge, and tuners
  • Play chords with the same fingerings, but sound better
  • Available installed on a Warmoth neck
  • Available retrofit kit for a neck you already own
  • An inexpensive way to improve your gear and sound

Every nut we install is custom cut at Warmoth on a CNC to the specific neck dimensions, compensated for fret height, nut width, fingerboard radius, and Earvana tuning technology.

Many players and technicians have commented about the technology. They tell us that the Earvana nut goes a long way toward solving most intonation problems. That seems to be especially true for those found in the first, second, and third positions. Also, chords played all over the neck seem more harmonious and ring out. Guitars can never be intonated perfectly, but the Earvana nut provides what some feel is a marked improvement over a standard nut.

Warmoth also offers a retrofit Earvana nut to replace an existing string nut on Fender or Gibson style guitars. Find them on our hardware page. These are not available for tilt back guitars or any basses. We only INSTALL the Earvana-prepared Corian and Graph Tech TUSQ XL nuts on Warmoth guitar necks. If you want to install this technology on your existing guitar neck, the retrofit Earvana nut is a great solution.

If you've ever wanted to try the best and most innovative nut on the market, now is the time.
And Warmoth is the place.

Conversion Necks

Scale Lengths

Have you ever wished for the feel or tone of a Les Paul from your Strat? How about the deeper chunk of a baritone? It's all possible and very easily accomplished with Warmoth's conversion necks.

The conversion concept goes way back, over 50 years, to Fender Mustang guitars. These were available in either 22-1/2" or 24" scale lengths - on the same body - totally interchangeable! How does this work? By leaving the bridge stationary and moving the nut position on the neck! We have engineered both 24-3/4" and 28-5/8" scale necks to be completely interchangeable on stock 25-1/2" Strat or Tele bodies. Got a beater MexiCaster looking for a new purpose in life? Time for a transplant!

The process is simple:

  • Remove your old neck
  • Transfer the tuning machines to the new neck
  • Bolt it on (mounting holes are already drilled)
  • String it up
  • Intonate the bridge
  • You're in business!

Conversion necks provide a very easy, and relatively inexpensive, way to experience something new on your older vintage guitar. Use caution in selecting the correct conversion neck. If you have any questions, call or email one of our sales associates.

Pau Ferro Fingerboards

Scale Lengths

Pau Ferro is an excellent dense, hard wood with a very tight pore structure. This means it's fast, smooth and extremely durable. An excellent choice for fretless fingerboards for either guitar or bass. Not only is it resistant to wear, but often the wood figuring is striking. We've seen some with variations in color from light tan to a dark coffee.

Check out our selection of Pau Ferro for guitar or bass necks.

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