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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts February 2013
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Sugar Pine Bodies

Sugar Pine

It looks different, sounds different, and smells different. It's Sugar Pine! And we have a limited stock of them in Tele, Strat, and Jazzcaster body styles.

These guitars have great tone, unique character, and are light weight. Sugar Pine won't stay on our shelves for long. We'd rather have them in your hands anyway. Check out the full article, then check out our In Stock bodies. Remember, these beauties are a limited run.

Read more about our new Sugar Pine guitar bodies

Star Artist - Jerry Cortez

Jerry Cortez

Who provides unwavering rock-steady groove and conviction night after night for one of the baddest bands and rhythm sections to ever come out of Oakland California? That would be Jerry Cortez with Tower of Power!

On the band's last stop through the Pacific Northwest, Jerry was gracious enough to tell Warmoth his story. It begins with how he went from a young boy falling asleep at a Grateful Dead concert to touring the world with Warmoth products in hand.

"Every time I picked one of those [Warmoth guitars] up I was like, 'Why don't I own one of these?'"

Read the rest of the interview to hear how he first learned about Warmoth

Baritone Conversion Necks

Baritone Necks

You've heard the sound, but wondered what it would play like. You read about it in forums like TDPRI, The Gear Page, and Harmony Central. Is it time for you to become a Baritone Convert?

Over the years, the popularity of the baritone's sound has grown from being a background instrument in the studio to one that's featured front and center. Today, you will hear it in country, jazz, metal, alternative, and indie rock. Robert Smith, with The Cure, and others like Brad Paisley and James Hetfield have brought the baritone guitar to the front of the stage.

Continue reading to learn more about Baritone Conversion Necks from Warmoth

Guitar Inlay Options Tool

Guitar Inlay Options Tool

Side dots and inlays provide a very useful way to find your position on a guitar or bass neck. At Warmoth, we believe that function doesn't need to always look...well...functional. Personalize it!

Warmoth offers a variety of inlay materials and shapes. We offer a handful of custom designs on our website. Yes, we can mix some of the inlay patterns and we can omit some position markers...for example, we can do the Skull & Cross Bones at the 12th fret only or double a diamond at the 12th, etc.

Read more about our personalization options and check out our website

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