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Short scale basses have a great vibe that comes from their shorter reach and lower string tension. World-class players like Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, and Stanley Clark have long used them for their great tone and easy playability. Now you can create a short scale bass with any look and feel you want, from vintage to modern "boutique", using parts built with all the craftsmanship and attention to detail Warmoth is famous for.

  • Slightly downsized bodies. Smaller and lighter, but still substantial.
  • Easy on back, shoulders, and wrists.
  • Narrower fret spacing and lower string tension for quick, relaxed fretting.
  • Rich, full tone.
  • Shorter reach, more similar to a guitar than long scale basses.
  • 30" or 32" neck options - interchangeable on Warmoth short scale bodies.
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What Customers Are Saying

"I like mine! It is very comfortable to play, and even though it is 30" I don't have any trouble with string tension. The Warmoth doesn't actually feel all that different from the 34" I used to have. The whole thing feels very solid and it has better snap and more high end than you would think you could get out of a little bass like that. Sound wise, it is very versatile and balanced. "

- hannaugh (Chino, CA)

What The Press Is Saying

"With both necks the bass was remarkably easy to play, and it balanced very well both strapped and lapped. View Article "

- Bass Player Magazine

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