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Super Bass Construction
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What is a Super Bass neck?

It is a bass neck with our double-expanding truss rod and two steel stiffening bars or two graphite stiffening bars. The double expanding truss rod creates a strong and stable bass neck, while the stiffening rods further increase stability and add mass to counteract dead spots.

Double Expanding Bass Neck Truss Rod

Our truss rod is a double rod, made of two pieces welded together. A long adjusting nut is used to focus the truss action away from the unmovable heel joint.

Benefits of the double expanding truss rod

  • Extremely stable, seasonal adjustments are rarely necessary
  • No end to end wood compression to eventually distort the neck

Steel Stiffening Rods

Our stiffening rods are solid steel and are installed on both sides of the truss rod.

Benefits of our steel stiffening rods

  • Increased mass = longer sustain, cleaner and clearer notes
  • Even frequency response

Graphite Stiffening Rods

Our graphite rods are pultruded unidirectional carbon fiber strips for maximum strength. They are installed on both sides of the truss rod in place of the steel stiffening rods.

Benefits of our graphite stiffening rods

  • Stiffer like steel rods, but less weight
  • Old school frequency response. Sounds more like a vintage neck
  • Graphite rods can be installed in place of steel stiffening rods for $60

Want to know more?

Over the past three decades, we’ve seen a lot of broken-down, worn-out, warped and dead Fender® Bass necks. Warmoth experienced the usual issues of constant truss rod adjustments, s-curved necks and dead notes with these OEM necks. In our opinion, the prime suspect was the Vintage truss rod in most cases. It is the source of the inevitable "S-Curves" at both ends of the neck, the high action and need for seasonal adjustments. It is also responsible for those dead notes that don't have the same volume or sustain as the other notes. Duplicating the construction of those necks and their inherent shortcomings did not make sense to us.

To remedy these problems, we investigated many different truss rod designs and found much to be appreciated in the double expanding truss rod. This rod is more rigid with more evenly distributed pressure. This design proved excellent at eliminating virtually all the problems with notable exception of the dead spots.

We continued our research by experimenting with different types of stiffening rods. First we tried graphite which we found to be expensive and not a cure-all. Then we tried hardened T-6 aluminum which was much less expensive but still did not yield the desire result. Finally, we tried steel bars. Steel provided very even responsiveness with virtually no dead notes. The conclusion we reached is that neck rigidity is not the sole factor in eliminating dead spots. Additional mass plays a significant role as well.

Due to ongoing customer requests, we have begun offering graphite stiffening rods in place of our standard steel rods. We still believe steel yields a superior neck, but we're happy to oblige our customers and give you the choice!

For the do-it-yourself types, we offer our double expanding truss rod and stiffening rods for sale in the Supplies section of our website.

Warmoth builds necks with the Fender trademarked pegheads (P Bass®, J Bass® and Tele® Bass) under a specific "Necks trademark" licensed to Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc. by Fender®.

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