13º Angled Bass Guitar Necks

Custom Bass Guitar Necks with
13°Angled Pegheads

Angled pegheads exert uniform string pressure across the string nut for improved sustain. The scarf joint is firmly secured between the back of the neck and fretboard (top illustration). This joint is stronger than single piece angled head necks where only a short end-grain remains to support the string tension.

Warmoth Head

Paddle Head

Neck Builder

Standard 13° Bass Guitar Neck Features
  • 13° angled peghead
  • 1-1/2" or 1-11/16" nut widths (you choose)
  • Top adjust truss rod & cover
  • 34" scale with extra 21st fret
  • 1/4" thick slab fingerboard
  • Standard back contour
  • 10" fingerboard radius
  • Drilled 14mm for GB7 tuning machines
  • Standard 2-1/2" wide vintage Fender™ heel specs

Pricing Table

Fingerboard Woods

Neck Woods
MapleIndian RosewoodPau FerroBubingaGoncalo AlvesWengePurpleheartBloodwoodEbonyZiricote
Birdseye Maple$241$241$261$276$286$306
Roasted Maple$245$245$265$280$290$310
Flame Maple$285$305$320$330$350
Indian Rosewood$385$385$405$420$430$450
3A Birdseye Maple$405$405$425$440$450$470

Just add the prices shown below to the ones in the table above to pick the actual piece of wood used for your fingerboard! Make sure to include the fingerboard number with your order.

Select Your Fingerboard Wood

wood type
FB1785 +$75
Birdseye Maple

wood type
FB1802 +$75
Flame Maple

wood type
FB836 +$65
Ebony (Macassar)

wood type
FB2138 +$75
Ebony (Black)

wood type
FB635 +$40

wood type
FB753 +$45
Indian Rosewood

wood type
FB1091 +$55
Palisander Rosewood

wood type
FB640 +$40
Pau Ferro

wood type
FB1654 +$55
Pau Ferro

wood type
FB1171 +$55

wood type
FB2014 +$55

wood type
FB650 +$40

wood type
FB1945 +$65

wood type
FB655 +$40

wood type
FB1793 +$65
Indian Rosewood (Dark)

  • The grain pattern and color will change as the fingerboard is sanded and finished. You should expect some variation in appearance from the picture shown.
  • Warmoth's production managers have discretion to choose the way the fingerboard is oriented on the body wood for the best appearance and structural integrity.
  • If while in production the product is found to be substandard, we will not be able to continue with the piece you have chosen.
  • The charge for selecting a one-of-a-kind fingerboard is non-refundable for order returns, changes, or cancellations.

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