4-String Music Man Ceramic Magnet with STC3M3

4-String Music Man Ceramic Magnet with STC3M3

4-String Music Man Ceramic Magnet with STC3M3
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(From the Seymour Duncan website)

Hotter pickup. Recommended for classic rock, heavy rock, funk, punk, R&B, and metal.

This hum-canceling pickup offers a balanced, highly musical tone contour with a richly articulated bottom, lots of midrange, and biting treble. It's got a nice, mild "bark" without being overly brash, and it's not at all harsh in the mid-range. The low end is full and strong without being mushy or foggy.

Complete setup
Includes STC-3M3 Tone Circuit for optimal tonal control. Three bands of active EQ, plus the proprietary Slap Switch. The lows are deep, clear, and tight. The mids range from ultra-smooth to punchy and all points in between. The treble control can produce a very wide, very usable response that is brilliant, yet smooth without any brittleness. Pulling up on the volume knob engages the proprietary Slap Switch, a special EQ contour made just for slap-style playing. See Duncan website for frequency response charts.

Includes all necessary mounting hardware: high-quality potentiometers on pre-wired harness; battery clip; stereo jack; and black anodized, knurled, dome-style knobs.

Three Knob Version
Has: (1) volume / slap, (2) mid-range, and (3) stacked-concentric bass & treble. Special harness options available - contact your Basslines dealer or Basslines Customer Service for details. Can use 18 volts for increased headroom.

Replacement for 4-string Music Man® StingRay® basses from 1976 to present.

Chopper Anderson / Reba McIntire, David Bronze / Eric Clapton, Marcelo Dias / Soulfly & ABLOOM, Pete Chilton / Bane, Markku Lappalainen / Hoobastank, Kelly Le Mieux / Goldfinger

Cable: Four Con.
DC: 2.6 k
Resonant Peak: 9.4 KHz
Magnet: Ceramic Bar
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